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What do top-level sports and technology have to do with each other? Everything! Top-level sport is extremely demanding, and not just in physical terms. In order to keep on improving their performances, top-level athletes need to look beyond just their physical capacities; they need to think about clothing and equipment, materials and design. Can it be made faster, higher, with less drag? These are just the kind of questions TU Delft can provide answers to.


KIVI Symposium Technology & Paralympic Sports - Delft, The Netherlands | 28 September

Sporting with a disability knows many challenges, both physical and mental. Technical innovations contribute greatly to the performance of (professional) Paralympic athletes. For example, how important is the individual adjustment between an athlete and his/her wheelchair? Which material properties of an athlete’s blade result in a faster sprint? How does an exoskeleton enable paraplegia patients to walk again?


Keynote speakers
Otto Bergsma – Blade running (TU Delft)
Rienk van der Slikke – Perfect Basketbal Wheelchair (HHS)
Sjoerd Butter – Exoskeleton team Delft (Project March TU Delft)

On Wednesday the 28th of September from 14:30 to 17:00, KIVI Sports Engineering and the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute will highlight these and other topics on Paralympic sports and new technologic developments in the area of sporting and moving with a disability.


Participation is free of charge for KIVI members and students and staff of TU Delft.
You may register until the 21st of September via this link.

Innovation in Sports - Düsseldorf, Germany | 4-5 October

Join the INNOVATION IN SPORTS 2016, the largest specialty sports technology event in Europe. More than 2,000 decision makers, industry insiders and qualified buyers meet in an unrivalled face-to-face environment, and networking brings about new opportunities.

For more information, click here.

Sportinnovator XL - Eindhoven, The Netherlands | 11 October

The following information is in Dutch, since the event will be held in Dutch as well.


Het Nationale Sportinnovator Event XL is de opvolger van het Nationale Sportinnovatie Congres dat de afgelopen jaren werd georganiseerd door het Nationale Sportinnovatie Platform, een initiatief van Sports & Technology, (het inmiddels opgeheven) InnoSportNL en Arko Sports Media. Met de veranderingen in het sportinnovatielandschap in Nederland verandert ook de rol van het congres. Het is nog veel meer dan voorgaande jaren dé ontmoetingsplek waar vertegenwoordigers vanuit wetenschap, overheid, sport en bedrijfsleven niet alleen kennis uitwisselen maar bovenal nieuwe verbindingen leggen.

Sportinnovator biedt u een boeiend plenair programma, met twee (internationale) keynote sprekers. Zij inspireren en informeren; over innovatie, over samenwerking, over succes en de soms lange weg hier naartoe. Ook worden tijdens het event de Nationale Sportinnovator Prijzen uitgereikt én de winnaars van de call voor nieuwe sportinnovator centra bekend gemaakt. Mis dit jaarlijkse ontmoetingsplatform daarom niet!


Voor meer informatie, klik hier.

eScience Symposium - Amsterdam, The Netherlands | 13 October

Are you dealing with digital technological challenges in your research? Could your research benefit from data science expertise? Our understanding of the Universe, dealing with the challenges of climate change and discovering new energy sources, analyzing population dynamics, or tracking athletes’ performances are just a couple of areas where digital technology is being used to enhance scientific research. Digital technology cross-cuts all scientific domains.


One of five special thematic sessions will focus on Sports & eHealth. In different sports (football, sailing, rowing and speed skating), many different kinds of data are gathered – from wind and tides to tactics, training programs and health data. How can we analyze the data in order to discover patterns to, for example, help improve athletes’ performances or determine team tactics?


Speakers in this track will be Ulf Brefeld (Lüneburg University), Martijn de Groot (Quantified Self Institute), Joost Kok (LCDS), Eline Slagboom (LUMC) and Kamiel Maase (NOC*NSF).

The other sessions will focus on Smart Energy, Sports & eHealth, Astronomy, Social Data, and Data Science.


Keynote speakers

  • Fernando Pérez, University of California, Berkeley (creator of IPython)
    Data Science: hype, substance and intellectual challenges
  • Ronald Stolk, University of Groningen
    Big Data in health research
  • Sally Wyatt, eHumanities KNAW
    Stories with/about BIG (Open) Data


Visit the National eScience Symposium (link) to discover how digital technology impacts scientific practice. The National eScience Symposium is a day-long event where you will meet researchers (from academia and industry), students, data scientists, scientific administrators, CIOs and CTOs dealing with the challenges and potential of digital technologies; from the humanities to physics and beyond.



22 Sep Motion tracking in field sports

JOHAN Sports develops a performance monitoring system for field sports. By accurately tracking the motion of sports players, insight is gained in the intensity of a match or training session. This information is used by the coach to optimize the training program for each player. By doing so, injuries are prevented and all players are top fit on match day. The graduation project of Matthijs Roobeek focuses on tracking player motion using a GPS receiver. [embed]http://sportsengineering.tudelft.nl/portfolio_page/motion-tracking-in-fiels-sports/[/embed] ...

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19 Sep Jan Bos travels at 124.73 km/h in Speed Challenge on high-tech recumbent bike designed by TU Delft and VU Amsterdam

Earlier today, students attending TU Delft and VU Amsterdam became the third fastest student team at a bicycle speed race in the USA. Former Olympic ice skater Jan Bos raced on behalf of the student team in the World Human Powered Speed Challenge. Bos recorded a top speed of 124.73 km/h on the lightning-fast Velox 6: a high-tech, aerodynamic recumbent bike designed and built by TU Delft and VU Amsterdam students. The world record was also broken at last night’s...

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13 Sep FC volendam initiates partnership with the TU Delft and EXO-L

FC Volendam keeps improving their training facilities for both their selection, Jong Volendam and for the youth education programme. Yet again, the club takes the lead in the world of professional soccer and is the first club that will start using the EXO-L for all its selection athletes. To prevent ankle injuries occurring to our athletes, we have started a collaboration with the designer of the EXO-L ankle brace. The EXO-L is an invention of Marcel Fleuren, who started the...

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31 Aug TU Delft TV | Olympic Special

With the Olympic Games behind us, we thought it time to look back at this amazing event. Care to join us? When the Olympic Games were re-launched in the late nineteenth century, the event was not approached from the perspective of city development. The role of the Olympic Games as a catalyst for urban development and regeneration was first recognized when Barcelona was preparing for its Olympics in 1992. By hosting the Games, Barcelona was able to boost its economic...

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21 Aug Volans shows new prototype during the Rowing World Championships in Rotterdam

During the Rowing World Championships in Rotterdam, the Dutch company Volans showed off a first prototype of the Volans4all. This new skiff (a single-seat rowing boat) for beginners is being developed at the behest of and in accordance with the international rowing federation FISA. The aim is to come up with a rowing boat that is accessible and affordable for large groups of users, especially in the developing countries and contribute to an increase in recreational rowing. To achieve this...

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20 Aug Olympic silver and bronze for innovation TU DELFT

Both Olympic athletes with an EXO-L ankle brace win a medal The Olympic Games have finished, and besides success in sports, the start-up EXO-L also booked some success. During the first appearance at the Olympic Games, both athletes that wore the ankle bracelet from the company from Delft won a medal. Julia Müller won bronze with the hockey ladies by defeating New Zealand with 2-1. Sebastien Dockier received a silver medal after an amazing tournament with the Belgian Red Lions. Technical innovation The...

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19 Aug Jan bos tracked with radar gun during test in high-tech bike, developed by tu delft & VU amsterdam

Former Olympic speed skater Jan Bos raced over the Prinses Beatrixlaan in Delft with a speed of 60 kilometres an hour. Bos was driving the VeloX 6, a high tech recumbent bike, designed by the Human Power Team. In September, the student team from the TU Delft and the VU Amsterdam wants to break the world speed record for human-powered vehicles in the United States. As part of the preparations, the team tested the vehicle here, but in September they...

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08 Aug The Olympic Games as an opportunity for social equality

As you probably have noticed, the 2016 Olympic Games are currently underway in Rio de Janerio, Brasil. The Olympic Games are the largest sporting event in the world and offer a great podium for research. We like to facilitate and encourage research into all topics related to such an event. In 2013, Isabela Ledo, a TU Delft student from the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment investigated the possibility for the Olympics to decrease segregation and social exclusion in...

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08 Aug PhD Studentship in the modelling of tennis ball impacts on a tennis racket at Sheffield Hallam University

The Centre for Sports Engineering Research (CSER) at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) invites applications for a PhD exploring the modelling of tennis ball impacts on a tennis racket. This PhD is sponsored by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) based in London, and the student will have the opportunity to work closely with the ITF Technical Department. Travel expenditure will be covered. The International Tennis Federation and the Centre for Sports Engineering Research have been research collaborators since 1998, working on the...

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03 Aug TU Delft Sports Engineers aiming for gold

Our orange athletes are currently shining during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. If (and when) they claim medals, they do so with help from sports scientists of the TU Delft. Those engineers have been working hard for many years to research new ways to improve our athletes. Listen to this interview with the scientific director of the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute, Frans van der Helm, on NPO Radio 1.   Source: NPO radio 1   Check also [media coverage] [In Dutch] Sport...

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