TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Volans shows new prototype during the Rowing World Championships in Rotterdam
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Volans shows new prototype during the Rowing World Championships in Rotterdam

21 Aug Volans shows new prototype during the Rowing World Championships in Rotterdam

During the Rowing World Championships in Rotterdam, the Dutch company Volans showed off a first prototype of the Volans4all. This new skiff (a single-seat rowing boat) for beginners is being developed at the behest of and in accordance with the international rowing federation FISA. The aim is to come up with a rowing boat that is accessible and affordable for large groups of users, especially in the developing countries and contribute to an increase in recreational rowing. To achieve this goal, Volans has received a €25.000 subsidy from the Dutch programme to encourage sports engineering innovations: Sportinnovator. The company also works together with the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute, who also have the aim to increase recreational sporting amongst the world’s population. With sporty and innovative products, Volans aims to make water sports, like rowing and sailing more attractive to a broader audience, thus encouraging more people to sport and move more frequently.

Rowing where and when you want it
Five years ago, Volans Rowing presented their first product, the sporty skiff Volans2. In 2014, the Volanskids was launched, the world’s first rowing boat specially designed for youngsters aged 8 to 12. This spring the Volanscoastal followed, designed for active fun on the waves or adventurous journeys on rivers, lakes and along the coastline. Volans has received several innovation prizes for their products. Volans boats are light and compact and can easily be transported on a car’s roof. They are suitable for rowing when and where you want. They have a sleek and elegant design, but are mainly characterised by their sliding rigger: it’s not the seat that moves (like in competition boats), but the rigger that holds the poles.

Innovation Pavilion
Partly on behest of and in collaboration with the international rowing federation FISA, Volans Rowing is now developing a simple, robust and, by means of its modest price, affordable skiff for beginning rowers. For the project, they are working together with, amongst others, the TU Delft, Jules Dock (Rotterdam, composites) and Rovinox (Ijmuiden, building the riggers). A prototype of the Volans4all was shown in the Innovation Pavilion during the 2016 Rowing World Championships in Rotterdam. The evaluation of this prototype will lead to the final choices with regard to the serial production, market introduction and distribution. If everything goes according to plan, the Volans4all will be introduced in 2017.