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TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute, Delft University of Technology, TU, Sport, 'Aero- and hydrodynamics', 'Biomechanics, Materials and Human Material Interaction', 'Measurement, Feedback and Simulation', 'Motivation and persuasion to compete in sports, play and exercise' and 'Sports Infrastructure and facilities'.
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Student Board

Student Board

Bring Students & Institute Closer to One Another

That’s the goal of the TU Delft Sports Engineering Student Board.



Who are we? 
We are four enthusiastic students,Toine Hooijen; Alexander Spoelstra; Martijn van der Star and Ingeborg Dijkstra, with a big interest in sports engineering and innovation, forming the second student board of the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute.
What are we going to do? 
The TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute has a very strong network with companies and research partners but the connection to students at Delft University of Technology can still be made a lot stronger. As the new student board of the Sports Engineering Institute Student Community, our goal is to create more brand awareness of the institute among students that are interested in sport innovation and sports engineering and to inspire students with the possibilities sport innovation has to offer. In the community you can meet peers, find the right contacts for internships or graduation projects and participate in events, workshops, field trips and lectures within the field of sports innovation and sorts engineering.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the community?  Please fill out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/tXNCRlfGBX and we will make sure we keep you posted about the latest developments, events and activities! You can also follow us on facebook: facebook.com/sportsengineering.tudelft.nl


Our Partners
We are proud to collaborate with a number of sports societies in Delft. Please find the links to our partners below:


DSWZ Broach-2007