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06 Oct Sportinnovator

We would like to direct your attention at a very interesting call that’s still open a little while longer. The ‘Sportsinnovator’ call is twofold. One call for project ideas and one for bigger projects. To sum up:

A sportinnovator project idea:

  • A Sports Innovator idea is a concept for an innovative product or innovative service in the field of (top) sports and recreational sports. The project must result in a working prototype / service within six months.
  • Sports Innovator ideas must have market potential, contribute to the sports practice and are profitable. The ideas are unique and provide an answer to a question from the customer.
  • A budget of 25K can be ‘won’. You need to hand in a projectplan and a budget breakdown, but the 25K can be seen as a ‘price’. No official co-finance is required. (Total amount for this call is 250K for 10 projects)

A sportinnovator project:

  • Products or services in a Sport Innovator project contribute to elite sports, recreational sports and active lifestyle. They provide social and economic benefits. A Sports Innovator project contributes to knowledge acquisition about sports and exercise. The product or service is an answer to a question from the market.
  • In a sport innovator project a technical and/or social innovation will be developed and launched to the market.
    • duration; 2 year
    • max budget: 200K —> 50% co-financing (in-cash or in-kind) must be arranged prior to submission of the proposal. After two years, a small percentage of the (possible) revenues of the product/service will flow back to the Sportinnovator program. Total amount for this call is 1.000.000 euro.
  • Collaboration with partners from sports practice and industry is required.
  • Only one project per legal identity can be submitted. —> so please inform me in advance if your are going to submit a project!


You can visit www.sportinnovator.nl for more information (only in Dutch).
Or visit the website of ZonMw with all relevant information about the project ideas en projects.
Feel free to forward this information to colleagues who might be interested.


Please contact Anoek van Vlaardingen link for any questions or support for writing a plan.
Keep in mind that the deadline is October 15 (14.00h)