TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | World’s Best Sailing Simulator at Volvo Ocean Festival
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World’s Best Sailing Simulator at Volvo Ocean Festival

11 Jun World’s Best Sailing Simulator at Volvo Ocean Festival

How does it actually feel to sail a race in a real racing boat? The Sail Simulator from TU Delft and Stentec is the only simulator in the world that offers yachtsmen a real-life experience, in a real boat and with the sensation of wind, waves, sheet tension and pressure on the rudder. The TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute is offering visitors of the Volvo Ocean Festival in The Hague the unique opportunity to experience what it is like to sail in the world’s best sailing simulator.

Improving performance with real-life experience
The simulator was developed by TU Delft and Stentec, in collaboration with the Watersportverbond and InnoSportLab The Hague. The goal was to offer professional sailors the ultimate in training facilities for improving their performance under all weather conditions. By making it possible to mimic a race, sailors can train and practise manoeuvres down to the last detail. Yachtsman Yuri Hummer (Delta Lloyd Talent Team) elaborates: “It’s very useful and convenient to train in this extra smart way. And it’s an improvement for the coach, too, because from a couple metres away he can see everything well and easily give instructions.”

Further development for Rio 2016
The intention is for Olympic sailors to be able to train in the sailing simulator, for example in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Researcher and project leader Jouke Verlinden explains: “To be able to simulate the situation in Rio, the software needs to be further refined and extended. We also want to take insights concerning the influence that the sailor’s sitting position has on the boat and integrate them into the simulation. That’s why we are seeking sponsors to help further develop the simulator.”

Visit the Sail Simulator and Kite Simulator
The Volvo Ocean Race will be making a pit stop in the Netherlands on 18-20 June. Visitors of the Volvo Ocean Festival can come sail a race in the sailing simulator under the expert guidance of TU Delft’s sail racing association, Broach. Daily winners will be awarded a unique 3D-printed medal. The Kite Simulator developed at TU Delft can also be viewed and experienced at stand number 36 in the Volvo Ocean Race Village. Admission is free.

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