TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Relevant Courses
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Relevant Courses

There are many courses that teach skills or cover topics relevant to our institute. Amongst them are the following:


Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment:


Which focuses around the development of a building suitable for a rowing community. The students are challenged to design a small utilitarian building on a given location, with attention to both spacial and material design. Aspects that play a role in this course range from societal and urban context to calculating the load bearing construction and detailing the connections between different constructions. Through the integration of several disciplines, a complete picture is developed, always considering the environmental impact – including the climate design. This year, the rowing centre is to be located in Amsterdam.

MEGA – AR0026

MEGA is a collaborative integral multi-disciplinary design of a special big and/or tall building. This could be a multifunctional skyscraper or a multifunctional building with a large span, such as a stadium, a sports facility, a museum, an airport, train station or transport hub.

Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering:

Advanced Embodiment Design (AED)

AED is a Masters course followed by the students of the In- tegrated Product Design (IPD) master programme at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. In this course, theoretical insights and knowledge delivered in the IPD curriculum are applied in practice to product development. A team of students (consisting of 4-6 students), supervised by our staff members, tackle an embodiment design assignment from a real company. This pertains to development of innovative and new products; depending on the case, this can be radical or incremental innovation. The course runs over one academic semester