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Volans Rowing

Aero & Hydrodynamics, Human-Material Interaction, Promoting Sports & Play, Rowing
About This Project

Volans is a good partner of the Sports Engineering Institute, having finished several different projects in collaboration with us.


Volans 2

The Volans2 is a slim and slender skiff, not much larger than a kayak, equipped with a sliding rigger. This new boat is fast, light and compact, and can be transported on the roof of a car. Due to its stability on the water, rowing with the Volans2 is easy to learn. The unique hull shape and construction in combination with the sliding rigger enables extra speed, in spite of the relatively short length of the boat. Rowing where and whenever you like. The Volans2 brings ‘The New Rowing Experience’ within reach for a large group of people.


Volans Kids

Based on the positive experiences with the Volans2, Volans Rowing has developed the Volanskids especially for children aged 8 to 12 years. This boat is a smaller version of the Volans2 – just 440 mm long. Volanskids was launched on the market in 2014, at the World Championships Rowing in Amsterdam.


Volans Coastal

The Volans Coastal is a skiff specifically designed for rowing in coastal waters, for making adventurous tours on the water or for just playing the surf. The boat features all the latest technology, like a special bow to improve the boats’ stability and ability to go in a straight line through the wave. It is also self-bailing, meaning any excess water in the boat will flow out immediately. The Volans Coastal is safe and has an elegant sleek design, with sliding rigger, which provides extra stability and flexibility while pushing through the rough water.


Volans FISA

The Volans FISA is the newest addition to the Volans line-up and will serve as the entry model. It is aimed at beginner rowers, in support of the goal of the International Rowing Federation (FISA) to promote practice of rowing in areas where it is not a developed sport. The flat hull shape provides more balance, which, in combination with the Volans signature sliding riggers, make it an ideal boat for beginner rowing.


Visit volansrowing.com for more information.


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