TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Supported snowboarding
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Supported snowboarding

Human-Material Interaction, Wintersports
About This Project

Adapted snowboarding for people with physical disabilities is an emerging sport. The World Snowboard Federation has been working for several years to prepare the organization for admission to the Paralympic Winter Games.


There are no existing customized solutions that support and control the board for people that can not stand a long time, with or without a splint or prosthesis. This project aims to develop a new and promising concept of a prototype for the sport, in which people with disabilities in walking independently, can descend on a snowboard. Because adjusted snowboarding has not officially been admitted to the Paralympics, the emphasis is on sport.


The first step of the project is the development of test models and prototype center. The second step is intended to evaluate the biomechanics of the prototype, the optimization of the employability of the sport and the development of a manual.



TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, The Hague University, Prodaptive, Dutch Ski Association, Foundation of disabled Winter Sports Foundation disabled on skis, InnoSportNL.