TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Remote Sensing & Control
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Remote Sensing & Control

Measurement & Feedback, Sailing
About This Project

One of the graduation projects we currently support is the remote sensing & control project, by Erik Oudejans. His goal is to develop a cheap GPS system to measure currents in the competition plain for a regatta, just prior to the start. This project is carried out in collaboration with InnosportLab Den Haag. Erik will try to find the best price/quality hardware & develop embedded software on a micro processor.

His approach is threefold:
Practical implementation; write a Matlab algorithm to determine position/speed and convert this to C++;
Visualisation; create an online HTML/Javascript server to receive position/speed data;
Research; eliminate uncertainties with single- and double differences 
& neural-network theory (machine-learning approach).

As of now, images of speed estimates have been created with different methods and a prototype website is beginning to take shape. The first results – based on field tests – are starting to come in.