TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Mobile Snowboard Startgate
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Mobile Snowboard Startgate

Human-Material Interaction, Wintersports
About This Project

The mobile startgate is a multidisciplinary single person startgate to provide training/competition possibilities anywhere on the slope (Outdoor and indoor) and improve the start and the descent of the cross and alpine disciplines in skiing and snowboarding. The mobile startgate can be transported by a single person (Less than 18 kg, folded in a boardbag) and placed within minutes on the slope. Multiple startgates can be linked (up to 6) to train together or for competition. The gate in is triggered on the startgate by the athlete or at distance by the coach with options for a boardercross start (Random time delay, with verbal sound), slalom start (Set time, beep sound), parallel slalom start (Set delay time, beep sound).



Alpine-Tree in collaboration with DIDID, Fietsenmakers, InnoSportNL, Nederlandse Ski Vereniging