TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Lower leg prosthesis for snowboarding
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Lower leg prosthesis for snowboarding

Human-Material Interaction, Wintersports
About This Project

Expertise in the field of ergonomic design finds a practical application in the design of products for adapted sports. A thorough analysis of the body’s movements and the interaction with the product plays an important role in this. One such product is a new lower leg prosthesis, which has been specially developed for snowboarding.

Important aspects that were taken into account were the position of the lower leg in relation to the foot, the capacity for rotating the ankle, and active control of the ankle. In addition, ways of improving user comfort were considered, with a view to making it possible carry on snowboarding with their lower-leg prosthesis for longer.



TU Delft Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering, Trulife Prosthetic & Orthopedic Health Care Specialists