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Healthy by design

Promoting Sports & Play
About This Project


Behavioural change, Contextmapping, Co-research, Healthy lifestyle, Vocational education, Intervention Studies
About this project
The project ‘Healthy by Design’ aims to develop, implement and evaluate an intervention that
consciously or subconsciously changes vocational students’ lifestyle behaviour at school. 
With contextmapping and co-research we can gain in depth insight in the desires, needs and experience of the VET students. VET students play a central role in the needs assessment as well as in the intervention design, which empowers and makes them experience ownership in their solutions for adopting a healthy lifestyle.
The intervention could turn out to be a product, a program or service, depending on the insights and input from the students. It will be developed in an iterative process and implemented at ROC Mondriaan, where an effect study will follow on (determinants of) physical activity and dietary behaviour. 
In addition, a process evaluation will be conducted investigating the reach, adoption and implementation of the intervention. Based on the evaluation, an explicit implementation plan will be drafted. This plan enhances the implementation of the intervention within the Healthy School Policy at all vocational schools in the Netherlands.
Haagse Hogeschool, ROC Mondriaan, Ontwerpbureaus Frens Pries, Sporty Besteed, GGD Haaglanden.
For more information about this project you can contact Astrid Bontenbal at a.bontenbal@tudelt.nl