TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Fastest swimsuit
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Fastest swimsuit

Human-Material Interaction
About This Project

How can a swimsuit positively influence swimming performance? Should it be close-fitting, offer the least possible drag, or have a high float capacity?


To give the Dutch coaches and support staff something to hold on to in the sea of different swimsuits currently available, TU Delft, VU Amsterdam, the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB) and InnoSportNL put their heads together and initiated a research trajectory.


With this they hope to be able to support the sports federations in selecting the right materials. This is an important factor, which is why new materials are constantly being introduced.


Swimsuit tests 

InnoSportLab compares swimsuits of top-level swimmers, read more and view a short clip on Zwemkroniek.

  • ‘Within 30 seconds a total body scan and an absolutely accurate body measurement’,  read more on the website of Artec.



InnoSportNL, VU Amsterdam, KNZB, Sportconfex