TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Cablean Sportsfield
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Cablean Sportsfield

Sports Infrastructures
About This Project

TU Delft, InnoSportLab Sports and Move! and InnoSportNL started, together with Sublean Group Descol and vv Sliedrecht the development and realization of the first Cablean Sportsfield.


The system consists of horizontal panels that can rotated to the desired application. When playing sport on the field, the surfaces, such as artificial turf or synthetic playing field, are directed upwards. If there is no sport, the other sides can be exploited sustainably, for example, with solar cells or advertising. The Cablean Sportsfield is an innovative sportsfield that can provide income for sports clubs.


Types of sports fields
By using sports fields as effectively and efficiently as possible, the Cablean Sportsfield is an innovative development that can contribute. Fields at football clubs are 90% of the time not used. This 90% can be better utilized by capturing sustainable solar energy. The solar panels can be brought into proper position so that maximum energy can be absorbed.


In addition there are two possibilities. The artificial turf in recent years has experienced tremendous growth in the Dutch courts and the plastic playfield. This way different sports can be practiced and this will increase utilization capacity.