TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | BBB Combining Aerodynamics & Thermodynamics
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BBB Combining Aerodynamics & Thermodynamics

Aero & Hydrodynamics, Cycling, Gear
About This Project

Since a few years, BBB has started moving away from helmets with a design centered around ventilation, towards helmets designed around sleek aerodynamic. Together with a team of students at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, BBB tried to study thermodynamic as well as aerodynamic features of helmet design in the search for an aerodynamic helmet with good ventilation characteristics. The idea was that an aerodynamic helmet shouldn’t compromise on rider comfort by finding a balance between low drag and good ventilation. With help of 3D modelling and a set of prototypes used in wind tunnel testing, the team evolved the helmet’s design. The helmet features an airflow cooling design with ‘Venturi channeling’ to optimize airflow. It’s called the Tithon.