TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Architectural design and Engineering of Rowing clubhouse ‘De Omval’
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Architectural design and Engineering of Rowing clubhouse ‘De Omval’

Rowing, Sports Infrastructures
About This Project

For project ON2 first year students design a rowing clubhouse at the location of an existing slot of ‘de Omval’. As a final project of the first year, it focuses both on sustainability with the ultimate goal to design a passive climate and engineer a functioning construction, materialization and a comfortable climate of the spaces needed for the function of a clubhouse.


In the near future there is a growing demand for sustainable buildings. A first step is to be able to design a passive building, which means a building responding to factors like the heat of the sun, rain and cold weather. By the organization of spaces in the design, solar chimneys and water collectors, these physical aspects can be turned into something useful for the building and the comfort of its spaces. This can reduce the use of energy for ventilation, the use of drinking water and use of energy for heating or cooling.