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InnoSport Labs

InnoSportNL and the InnoSport Labs

InnoSportNL (2009 – present) brings together the worlds of sports, science and business in order to develop products and services that make a real difference. In August 2010, Delft University signed a preferred-partnership agreement with InnoSportNL. InnoSportNL was founded by TNO and NOC*NSF, and aims to promote scientific knowledge and innovation within the world of sport. The contract serves as an official endorsement of the existing partnership between TU Delft and InnoSportNL, which is already evident in a number of different projects.

InnoSportNL is responsible for six InnoSportLabs, in which science is directly applied in sports practice. There are labs in Sailing, Swimming, Speed skating, Gymnastics, Physiology and Performance Monitoring, and Promotion of Recreational Sports – click to follow a link to each respective page. Delft University holds strong connections with all InnoSports Labs, and is the principal stakeholder of the InnoSportLab Sailing in The Hague.