TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Olympic silver and bronze for innovation TU DELFT
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Olympic silver and bronze for innovation TU DELFT

20 Aug Olympic silver and bronze for innovation TU DELFT

Both Olympic athletes with an EXO-L ankle brace win a medal
The Olympic Games have finished, and besides success in sports, the start-up EXO-L also booked some success. During the first appearance at the Olympic Games, both athletes that wore the ankle bracelet from the company from Delft won a medal. Julia Müller won bronze with the hockey ladies by defeating New Zealand with 2-1. Sebastien Dockier received a silver medal after an amazing tournament with the Belgian Red Lions.

Technical innovation
The EXO-L is not a regular brace or a piece of tape, but an external ankle brace that makes clever use of the anatomy and natural movement of the ankle. The product was developed at the TU Delft and the company that resulted from the innovation is currently housed in the YES!Delft incubator. Comfort is drawn from the use of 3D scanning and printing technology in order to make the product a perfectly fitting extension of your body. The EXO-L is not only aimed at professional athletes. The main goal of the product is to enable people to enjoy sporting and working again, without worrying about the possibility of spraining their ankle.


EXO-L & Clubs
EXO-L challenges every sporting club to test out their ankle brace. They have special pilot projects to enable athletes to get familiar with the Exo-L ankle bracelet. For more information, send a contact request with the name of your sporting club and contact details to info@exo-l.com

Source: exo-l.pr.co