TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | New Dreamteam: Project MARCH
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New Dreamteam: Project MARCH

10 Nov New Dreamteam: Project MARCH

The TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute supports four Dreamteams related to sport. These dreamteams consist of dedicated students, with the aim of building a winning design in different competitions focused on the human power. Project MARCH is the newest Dreamteam sponsored by the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute. 
They aim to use an exoskeleton to give patients with spinal cord injuries back (some of) their mobility. The exoskeleton is a new, state-of-the-art solution to do so – it’s an external harness that can partly reinforce or completely enable human movement.

Bionic Olympics Zurich, October 2016 

An important test for the team will be the Cybathlon Race. These will be the first worldwide Bionic Games, and different teams from both the academic world and from industry are expected to compete against one another in various disciplines.

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In the coming year, NCRV will follow the Dutch contestant of the Bionic Olympics for its upcoming documentary ‘Sta op en Loop’

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