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Minor Sport Innovations

04 Feb Minor Sport Innovations

In January the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering was transformed into an exhibition space for the end results of the various minors. The Sports Engineering Institute was well represented.

Smart surfboard
Arjen Jansen led the minor sport engineering and had students work on various projects. One of the highlights was the presentation of a smart surfboard by Julian van Vliet. The board features a screen that allows the surfer to communicate with their coach, while staying in the water. Currently, surfers need to get out of the water to get feedback on their performance; a cumber-some process that now belongs to history.

Personalised handle for a fencing sword
As part of the minor Advanced Prototyping, students were asked to develop a prototype for a personal project. David van Nunen, IDE student, decided to develop a personalised handle for a fencing sword (see the above picture). An active fencer himself, he thinks the attention he put into the revised grip and the different way of dimensioning the product drastically improve comfort and ergonomics, while offering a more dynamic and modern look. Since the product was dimensioned after the international regulations, he is optimistic about the use in actual (international) matches.

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