TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Life Long Running Meetup @ TU Delft
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Life Long Running Meetup @ TU Delft

20 Oct Life Long Running Meetup @ TU Delft

This Thursday the ‘Running Data Science meetup’ will be held in Culture Centre TU Delft.

You are cordially invited to join!

For more information: http://www.meetup.com/RunningDataScienceNL/events/224773103/



17:30-18:15: Doors open

18:15-18:30: Kick-off, with professor Frans van der Helm,

18:30-19:00: Second speaker: Early Birds of the TU Delft

19:30-20:00: Third speaker:  Kamiel Maase

20:00-20:30: Break

20:30-21:00: Fourth Speaker: Bart Eigenhuis

21:00-21:15: Q&A

21:15-21:45: Closing.

Life Long Running will kick-off and close the event, together with the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute.

Drinks & snacks will be served !