TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Kitesurfing on HISWA 2015
HISWA 2015, HISWA, Amsterdam, Kite Sim, Frank & Frens, Kitesurfing
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Kitesurfing on HISWA 2015

09 Mar Kitesurfing on HISWA 2015

Realistic simulator offers unique experience

Safely learn how to kitesurf before ever taking to the seas, a beach event with kitesurfing competitions on the beach, or a fun 3D game in which to show off stunts: all this is possible with the Kite Sim, the first really realistic kitesurfing simulator. The simalutor is the brain child of Robert Hoogendijk and is being developed by Frank & Frens, the TU Delft, InnoSportNL and the Dutch Kitesurf Association (Nederlandse Kitesurf Vereniging). The prototype can be admired on HISWA 2015 in the Amsterdam RAI from the 11th till the 15th of March 2015.

The foundation for the kite simulator is an advanced computer model that can realistically predict the forces on both kite and ropes. The effects on the kite that are generated by movements of the kiter are also modeled surprisingly well. This means that starting kite surfers can safely practice on dry land with the Kite Sim.

The HISWA shows off the Kite Sim in a big stand that is ideal for beach events. Visitors can easily acquaint themselves with kitesurfing. By using the Kite Sim, the public can easily experience the ins and outs of kitesurfing. This is a good way for companies and municipalities to attract visitors to their (beach) events.

Professional kite surfers are curious to see the different possibilities the Kite Sim has to offer. The machine enables them to practice regardless of weather conditions and under safe conditions in their own control.

Game fanatics can rejoice over the game embedded in the Kite Sim, which takes all forces off of the ropes and uses virtual reality goggles to completely emerge the user into an interactive kitesurfing experience. In this first version of the Kite Sim-game, visitors of HISWA will play with the Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles and use a kitesurfing-bar to steer.

The Kite Sim can be found and experienced at stand 02.312 of North kiteboarding during the HISWA in Amsterdam.


The kitesurfing simulator is an initiative of entrepreneur Robert Hoogendijk and is being developed by design agency Frank & Frens and the Kite Power research group of the TU Delft, which was responsible for the physics model and part of the software. The Dutch Kitesurf Association (Nederlandse Kitesurf Vereniging) was part of the project to represent the interests of the kitesurfers. InnoSportNL is assisting the Kite Sim during the development process from idea to prototype to eventual launch.


A short video of the Kite Sim can be found below.