TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Jan bos tracked with radar gun during test in high-tech bike, developed by tu delft & VU amsterdam
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Jan bos tracked with radar gun during test in high-tech bike, developed by tu delft & VU amsterdam

19 Aug Jan bos tracked with radar gun during test in high-tech bike, developed by tu delft & VU amsterdam

Former Olympic speed skater Jan Bos raced over the Prinses Beatrixlaan in Delft with a speed of 60 kilometres an hour. Bos was driving the VeloX 6, a high tech recumbent bike, designed by the Human Power Team. In September, the student team from the TU Delft and the VU Amsterdam wants to break the world speed record for human-powered vehicles in the United States. As part of the preparations, the team tested the vehicle here, but in September they hope to achieve well over 140 km/hr.

Caught speeding by the police
The regional police were also present during the test. A police scout measured a speed of 59 km/h, about 9 km/h more than the maximum speed for that road, so enough to get caught speeding. “May I please see your identification, so I can hand out a speeding ticket?!” the officer jokingly asked former speed skater Bos. The speeding ticket wasn’t actually handed out, since the road had been blocked for use by the students.

World record
Every September, the team participates at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC) on a highland (1400m) in the Nevada desert, in the United States. September 2016 is no exception. Hugo Lambriex, Team manager explains: “In Nevada there is this long road that’s straight as an arrow. The driver has 8 kilometres to gain speed, after which they enter into a 200 meter ‘section control’.” It is during this ‘section control’ that the maximum speed is achieved and measured.

In 2013, the team achieved a world speed record with a speed of 133,78 kilometres an hour. Last September, this record was broken by a Canadian, travelling 139,4 km/h. This year, the team tries to win back the record. Coming September (12-17) the team joins the WHPSC for the sixth time, this time aiming to achieve a speed of more than 140 km/h, meaning they can return with the world record. During the six-day event, both athletes, former Olympic speed skater Jan Bos and former professional cyclist Rick Flens, will get the opportunity to break the world record.

The Velox 6, which is fully human powered, doesn’t have any windows. This improves the vehicle’s drag. The drivers can see by means of a camera system and a display. Besides this, the bicycle has a radically redesigned aerodynamic shell. This shell has been designed to resist the impact of winds from the side. Because of this, the new bicycle is extremely stable as compared to previous designs.