TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Jan Bos to compete with Human Power Team
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Jan Bos to compete with Human Power Team

08 Jan Jan Bos to compete with Human Power Team

Yesterday, former speed skater Jan Bos has been officially selected by the Human Power Team Delft & Amsterdam – a student project of the TU Delft and VU Amsterdam. Every year, they build an aerodynamic bicycle (VeloX) and compete with it in the U.S. to break the world record for human powered vehicles. To achieve this, a very strong cyclist is needed; this is why the team recruited Jan Bos. In 2012, Bos also participated in the project, but without success. This year he hopes to return home with a record.


Every September, the team competes in the World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC) in the Nevada Dessert, United States. 2016 will not be an exception. “In Nevada, the driver must gain speed for 8 kilometres, on a long and perfectly straight road, after which he enters into a controlled section of 200 meters” says Hugo Lambriex, Team Manager. During this controlled section, the maximum velocity is achieved and measured. In 2013, the team reached a world speed record of 133,78 km/hr. Last September, this record was broken by a Canadian, achieving 139,4 km/hr. The challenge this year, is to reclaim the world title.

Bos’ Experience

In 2012, Bos also cycled for the Human Power Team. Even though the design had been improved as compared to the previous year, the standing record wasn’t broken that year. 6 months later Bos competed again, but under his own name. He thinks he hasn’t been able to get the maximum out of the race for the past two years. After his professional career, Bos is looking for a new challenge and is committed to completely focus on the project for the coming year. “I have the greatest confidence in this year’s bike, the team and myself. Third time’s the charm.” according to Bos.

Collaboration between universities

Every year, students build an entirely new bicycle to compete with in the race. The collaboration between two universities is a unique characteristic of this project. Students of the TU Delft are responsible for designing and building the bicycle, while motion experts of the VU Amsterdam take are of selecting, training and coaching the cyclist. “Together we work a full year on optimising man and machine” says Lambriex. The team will focus on improving the VeloX V – last year’s bike. In particular, the aim is to improve stability and control, internal aerodynamics, ergonomics and training.

More information

For more information, please contact Team Manager of the Human Power Team, teammanager@hptdelft.nl, 015 2788985, 06 54290941 or Claire Hallewas, press officer TU Delft, c.r.hallewas@tudelft.nl, 06-40953085.

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