TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Delft University sub wins European International Submarine Races
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Delft University sub wins European International Submarine Races

20 Jul Delft University sub wins European International Submarine Races

The WASUB student team of Delft University of Technology won the European International Submarine Races with its human-powered submarine. The team’s sub completed the course in a record time of just 78.3 seconds, more than 6 seconds faster compared to the previous record. It put the team significantly ahead of the competition, which includes student teams from all over the world. Pilot Bram Bronswijk looks back on his race with satisfaction: “Everything clicked into place; I was in complete control of the boat.”

The race
In the huge marine basin of the European International Submarine Races, the boat managed to sail rapidly through the challenging 170 metres of the curving course, including sprinting along a straight stretch, making a U-turn, and doing a slalom. The WASUB boat managed to make it through in 78.3 seconds. Besides setting the record for time, the team’s sub also achieved the absolute top speed, reaching 7.32 knots – only marginally slower than the speed record set by the previous WASUB team. “An extraordinary achievement,” says Sander Leussink, Team Manager of the WASUB team, “considering that our boat was primarily built for manoeuvrability.”

The success of the WASUB VI team and the 25 students on the team was preceded by a period of designing, building and testing. The final test was a 100-metre sprint against Olympic swimmer Kyle Stolk, on 22 June. The sub beat the swimmer by 1.44 seconds. Read more.

Media coverage

Media after the race

Media prior to the race

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