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06 Oct Sportinnovator

We would like to direct your attention at a very interesting call that's still open a little while longer. The ‘Sportsinnovator’ call is twofold. One call for project ideas and one for bigger projects. To sum up: A sportinnovator project idea: A Sports Innovator idea is a concept for...

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23 Jul ‘Engineering the future Olympics’

What do the Olympic Games mean for the urban development of a city? How can the optimum conditions be created for athletes as well as visitors? When building the facilities, how can we take into account their use not only during the Olympics, but also...

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15 Jul Call for Abstracts – ISEA2016

ISEA2016 - The Engineering of Sport11 The 11th conference of the International Sports Engineering Association will take place in Delft from the 11th to the 14th of July, 2016. The conference program provides the conferees the opportunity to learn from inspiring keynote speakers via lectures, parallel...

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13 Jul Call for Projects – Minor Sports Innovation

During the last decennia, the popularity of sports has strongly increased and is now widely accepted as beneficial to the general well-being of people. Being affiliated to sports is seen as a modern life style and the global production of sports equipment and apparel has...

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29 Jun Better sports buildings through computer-driven design

Good athletic performances are more than the result of dedicated training alone; some of the credit goes to well-designed sports buildings. Consequently, TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute supports computer-driven design research by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Ideally, this will lead to...

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