TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute | Call for Projects – Minor Sports Innovation
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Call for Projects – Minor Sports Innovation

13 Jul Call for Projects – Minor Sports Innovation

During the last decennia, the popularity of sports has strongly increased and is now widely accepted as beneficial to the general well-being of people. Being affiliated to sports is seen as a modern life style and the global production of sports equipment and apparel has therefore reached significant market volumes. Current industrial efforts aim at producing high performance – and therefore knowledge intensive – sporting goods for a global markets, the minor specifically aims at training students to be a key-player in this challenging process.

In order to provide students with challenging innovation projects in a business setting, the minor calls for project proposals from companies and NGO’s. General requirements for projects are listed in a this PDF, additional information on the feasibility of project proposals is available from the course coordinator. More specific information on the content of the minor is available from the minor brochures (to be downloaded by clicking on the images below) or on this part of our website.

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