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Author: TUsportsenineeringadmin

26 Jan Climb to the top 19/2/2015

On the 19th of February KIVI Sportengineering will organise a small symposium about the technical aspects of sports climbing in The Hague. Afterwards a climbing clinic will be organized. TU Delft is an active member of KIVI Sportsengineering. Please visit the KIVI sportengineering website for more information...

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12 Dec Schaatspak moet sneller én veiliger

Wetenschappers, ondernemers en coaches spraken dinsdag tijdens een congres op de TU Delft over manieren waarop de techniek de sport kan ondersteunen. Veel aandacht ging daarbij uit naar de ontwikkeling van schaatspakken. De NOS was hierbij en heeft een artikel geschreven: lees het hier....

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15 Nov Science Battle 27/11/2014

Four PhD students will compete in the ScienceBattle: who has the best story about his or her research? Which presentation opens a new world for you? Do you understand what it is about? Do you feel the passion? Can you repeat the story? In a passionate presentation...

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02 Nov KIVI NIRIA 20/11/2014

The department Sport Engineering of KIVI NIRIA organizes a lecture about surfing. Two speakers will give us a promising insight into the surfing world and give a focus on the technical aspects of the sport. Website KIVI NIRIA...

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22 Oct Launch Sports Engineering Institute

Wednesday 17 September the official opening of the TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute took place. The afternoon consisted of a brief plenary programme led by Studio Sport presenter Tom Egbers, including a presentation by Prof. Frans van der Helm about the ambitions of the Sports...

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16 Oct ISEA 2016

The 11th conference of the International Sports Engineering Association will take place in Delft from 11th up to 14th of July 2016. The ISEA serves the global community of sports engineers by promoting the technical aspects of sports engineering and by providing a collaborative environment for the...

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