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Author: TUsportsenineeringadmin

04 Feb Minor Sport Innovations

In January the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering was transformed into an exhibition space for the end results of the various minors. The Sports Engineering Institute was well represented. Smart surfboard Arjen Jansen led the minor sport engineering and had students work on various projects. One of the...

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08 Jan Jan Bos to compete with Human Power Team

Yesterday, former speed skater Jan Bos has been officially selected by the Human Power Team Delft & Amsterdam – a student project of the TU Delft and VU Amsterdam. Every year, they build an aerodynamic bicycle (VeloX) and compete with it in the U.S. to...

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01 Jan Symposium: Technology in Cycling

How science is helping to improve performance in (elite) cycling A week before the Giro d’Italia’s kick off, on Thursday the 28th of April,  TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute will organise a symposium on the research being done in the field of cycling. The aim is to bring...

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10 Nov More than 250 Abstracts Handed in for ISEA 2016

The 11th conference of the International Sports Engineering Association is planned to take place in Delft from the 11th until the 14th of July 2016. The conference programme provides the conferees the opportunity to learn from inspiring keynote speakers via lectures, parallel sessions, poster presentations...

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10 Nov New Dreamteam: Project MARCH

The TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute supports four Dreamteams related to sport. These dreamteams consist of dedicated students, with the aim of building a winning design in different competitions focused on the human power. Project MARCH is the newest Dreamteam sponsored by the TU Delft Sports Engineering...

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