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Author: TUsportsenineeringadmin

22 Mar SECSI 2017: Programme Announcement

We are proud to announce the programme for the the second edition of the Science and Engineering Conference on Sports Innovation (SECSI), which will take place on Friday April 7th 2017. The conference aims to stimulate sports research and innovation by exchanging knowledge on sports science. Furthermore, its goal is...

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25 Jan Project FASTBALL measures Rick van den Hurk

Yesterday, the 24th of January 2017, Rick van den Hurk, player at Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (Japan) and the Dutch Royal Baseball Team, participated in the research project FASTBALL. Project FASTBALL' is a STW funded project at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Delft University of Technology, in cooperation...

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22 Sep Motion tracking in field sports

JOHAN Sports develops a performance monitoring system for field sports. By accurately tracking the motion of sports players, insight is gained in the intensity of a match or training session. This information is used by the coach to optimize the training program for each player....

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