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Governance Structure

Governance Structure

The TU Delft Sport Engineering is led by its scientific Director Prof Dr. Frans van der Helm. Daily management is taken care of by Daan Bregman and Anoek van Vlaardingen, in their roles of secretary and valorization officer of the institute.

Frans van der Helm

Scientific director

Anoek - bewerkt
Anoek van Vlaardingen

Valorisation Officer

Daan aangepast
Daan Bregman


Annie - bewerkt lichter
Annie Breeuwsma

Communications Advisor

For each of the 5 participating faculties,  a faculty representative is appointed. Strategic decisions about the direction to take for the institute are made by the Director, and 5 faculty representatives based, in close collaboration with the daily management team.  Currently, the 5 faculty representatives are:

Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering

Prof. Jerry Westerweel

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Prof. Geurt Jongbloed

Industrial Design Engineering

Dr. Arjen Jansen

Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Fulvio Scarano

Architecture and the Built Environment

Dr. Regina Bokel